Yes --> there is ample evidence that indeed we propose a sustainable construction material and state of art green construction technology with little or no negative impact on the environment.
Yes --> Very special care has given been to match local requirements from all points of view – needs of the users, people attitudes, family behaviour social activities requirements, institutional housing, energetic and urban planning requirements and climatic considerations.
Yes --> affordability has been illustrated detailed cost analysis for large multi scale low housing programs. An in depth business strategy and industrial approach has been described on how to set up scale operations in RSA to address the needs of the ‘gap market‘ for low income users.
Yes --> the Silicawood House has is profound impact under dwelling conditions sustainability, durability affordability and scalability points of view and most important allows creation of new jobs empowering the locals to self build their own house.
Yes --> the Silicawood House project is characterized by the synergy of an excellent construction material and building technology and a Bioclimatic Multi-scale design approach for a frugal living.
Yes --> The principal resource on which the whole project is based is scrap wood chips derived from local plantations or from waste wood to be recycled in scale economy, and contribute the reduction of the local carbon footprint