BBuilding home system:
low energy impact and seismic safety.
The values you deserve.

The BBuilding houses are are built with an innovative material called Silicawood and assembled with state of art construction technologies that give more value to the investment, appreciable today and tomorrow in the future

Ecological and high quality houses, provide more comfort and interior well being as well as.
Very significant savings on the energy bill, totally earthquake proof, to guarantee all the safety you need at all times .

Designed and built by trusted professionals, to enhance the local supply chain, labor and promote the local economy.

The BBuilding house system is the implements the state of art prefabfication and costruction building systems m by employing a totally ecological costruction material that ensures:

  • A comprehensive customized solution
  • The achievement of high energy performances
  • The highest possible level of living comfort and well being
  • The top in terms of safety especially of structural stability in the seismic regions


The BBuilding home preserves the tradition of healthy living into strong walls, with a notable and durable natural insulation. And with the highest seismic safety.
With a customizable and flexible system, to keep up with the constantly evolving the modern family needs and requirements .
BBuilding Home: building quality to create well being and increase investment value.